Device & OS SplitRedirect users based on their device

Using multiple QR codes and links or telling your users to search for you app in their app store is confusing and unclear communication.

Using Splitter's Device & OS Split you only need one QR code and one link for all your app and website versions!

The QR code and link we provide is platform independent and will work no matter if your customers are using a mobile phone, a tablet, a PC or a Mac - and no matter if they are using iPhone, iPad, Android, Windows Phone, BlackBerry or any other device or operation system.

How the Device & OS Split works

The advantages of the Device & OS Split

  • Use one QR code, URL or NFC chip for all devices and platforms
  • Users are automatically redirected to the right app store or website
  • Get detailed analytics with user location, devices and more
  • Easily update the destination URLs of your QR codes, URLs and NFC tags
  • Use our short URL or easily add your own (like
  • Avoid hard to understand landing pages and custom device detection
  • Never lose traffic when URLs or app stores change
  • Download high quality QR codes in PNG, EPS or PDF formats
  • Order quality NFC tags encoded with your Device & OS Split
  • Give clients or coworkers access with view or edit rights