By the end of 2012 the proportion of emails opened on smartphones and tablets has reached 41% and is on a fast track to surpass desktop as the preferred platform to read email.

In one of the recent reports from Econsultancy, numbers show that in the second half of 2012 29% of users chose smartphones and 12% of users chose tablets as their preferred platform to open emails.

If we compare this with the numbers from the first half of 2012, the numbers reveal a rapid growth. Emails opened by smartphones have grown by 11,5% and tablets by 9%.

To underline this trend, Nielsens recent survey found that 68% of the UK smartphone users, used their device to check email within the previous 30 days.

Numbers from US smartphone users show a similar behavioral pattern, where 75% of users use their device for email.

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Originally posted 2013-03-11 23:21:43.

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