Are you running marketing for a big offline business spanning many cities and geographies?

Trying to figure out all the hype about the local marketing and how your business can benefit from it? If possible, without the involvement of your slow and lazy IT department?

Well – Splitter has a solution for you! Today we are adding one of our most requested features. We call it the City Split.

Define cities, regions and associated landing pages. Splitter takes care of the rest.

You can guess what it does, don’t you? As the name indicates Splitter’s City Split enables you to split your links (or QR codes and NFC tags). Links can be splitted based on a city or region in which they are triggered. So from now you can set up your own geo-targeted campaigns with just a few clicks. Dead simple.

The Industry is Moving Towards Hyper Local Geotargeting

There is a growing interest and demand for geotargeting and mobile marketing is on the rapid rise. Using Splitter to bridge offline to online enables marketers to finally bring geographical targeting in play, outside of the existing local ad buying opportunities.

When is this most useful? Mobile is of course an important enabling technology here. People are walking around with always-connected smart phones, searching the web, clicking on links and scanning your QR codes. If you are able to minimize the steps they have to make to convert, you win.

Marketers around the globe are aware of this and in the recent survey made by Jumptap they’ve pointed out geotargeting as the most often used marketing targeting tactic.

Geotargeting and contextual are the most used marketing tactics

Additionally, Forbes contributor Court Cunningham states that “National brands with multiple locations or franchises will go increasingly local” in their “Local Marketing Trends To Watch In 2013”.

Use-cases that Benefit From Geotargeting Today

We already see plenty of modern marketers upping their local marketing efforts in these areas:

  • retailers using geo-targeted links to show relevant shops close to the customer
  • concert aggregators leading their visitors to the concerts in a specific city
  • big brands running city-based campaigns and promotions
  • daily deal or coupon sites that want to drive segment people based on city – automatically
  • e-commerce shops that have different city or region based promotions
  • and many more…

Start a Geotargeted Marketing Campaign Today and Improve Your Conversion Rates

Anyone that is using online promotion techniques to drive and expand an offline business, should leverage the power of geo-targeting. Why? With geotargeting, you can minimize friction and automatically show localy relevant information.

With Splitter, marketers are now in full control of their geotargeting. No more waiting for the slow IT-department. Start running your city and region based splitted links today.

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Originally posted 2013-05-23 10:13:08.

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