Mobile phones and tablets are becoming the remote controls of our daily lives. Increasingly connected devices are seen as powerful tools for new technologies as QR codes and NFC, which are deeper engaging the new generation of digitally savvy customers.

What’s New at Splitter?

Things are moving very fast at Splitter. Our service launched just 6 months ago, with our first service called AppSplit as a Device Detection tool which has helped international brands like CNN to simplify their multi-channel marketing campaigns, in that way they could segment and target their users more efficiently. The result was a user friendly and painless way to reach their native apps the users wanted to install, automatically bringing the user to the correct landing page. Our customers love it, because we have removed all the technical details, hence it’s incredibly simple, quick and easy to use.

Country Split is Here

We are also very happy about the latest service we have launched. We call this server Country Split, which is automated and intelligent Country Detection. It helps brands target their users across different geographical locations, so that avoid losing potential customers by not targeting their users with relevant content based on context.

In case you haven’t tried it yet, here is how you get started:

  • Go to Signup and create an account
  • Create a CountrySplit
  • Select the countries you want to target and specify your landing pages.
  • Click “Save” and your country detection Split is now ready to be used.

To sum it all up, you will always know where your users and from what devices they activate your campaign. Based on that we help you target your potential customers more directly, for you to maximize the chance to engage even more with them.

Questions or Feedback?

Finally, we are very happy to receive any kind of feedback from our you, both positive and negative. We believe it’s incredibly important to get actual customer feedback, so we can keep focusing on the right priorities and functionalities to make you happy and your life easier.

Stay tuned for what comes next!

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Originally posted 2012-11-06 10:00:34.

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