This is a follow-up post from my previous article on how to prepare and plan your QR Code Marketing Campaign. Building an effective mobile optimized landing page is one of the crucial parts of every serious QR code marketing campaign. Don’t know what I’m talking about? Follow the 3 steps below and optimize your campaign for mobile consumption today.

1. Always Link Your QR Code To a Mobile Friendly Website/App

Your QR code marketing campaign must be supported by a strong mobile optimized landing page! I beg you, don’t link your QR code to a normal desktop website. I see marketers do this mistake over and over again – even in 2013! Moreover, sometimes brands direct customers to landing pages which have a huge Flash-only video! Not just small companies – I’ve experienced this first hand with one of the local Coca-Cola’s campaigns.

Stick it on your wall: your customers are scanning QR codes with their smartphones. Making your landing pages 100% mobile optimized is a must.

There are many ways to make your landing pages mobile friendly. You could use a mobile friendly CMS template or implement your website in a fully responsive way. Alternatively, you need to either build a mobile friendly landing page yourself or hire a developer who knows how to do it.

Great Landing Page Tool for QR codes
Unbounce – Splitter’s preferred landing page building tool

I personally prefer to build and control landing pages myself. And what if you don’t have the necessary technical skills? No worries, modern landing page tools are very good at helping pretty much everyone create a landing page on their own. Below are some of the notable landing page tools:

  • Google Sites free, Google quality, pre-made templates, easy to learn
  • Unbouncethe tool we use at Splitter, affordable, focuses on what marketers need for quality landing pages
  • Hubspot – big marketing suite, has everything you need for your marketing, but slightly expensive

2. Don’t Bore People with Useless Information – QR Code Marketing must be straight to the point

Your mobile friendly landing page content is crucial. People want to reach what was promised to them in the ad. Special offers, simple contact form, e-book download, social sharing, etc.

The options are limited only by your imagination, but make sure that the QR scan counts both for your customers and for you. Yes, don’t forget on your business goals here – if you haven’t thought much about them, you should check out my previous post in this QR code marketing campaign series.

3. Place a Clear Call-to-Action on your Mobile Friendly Landing Page

Mobile landing page for QR Code MarketingAre you a B2B company trying to get more leads? Go for a simple email grabbing form. You run a big consumer brand marketing campaign? Your QR code should then probably incentivize people to engage in a contest or sweepstake. Make sure that your chosen Call-to-Action and its associated customer engagement deliver value. They are your gateway to achieving the desired ROI.

What are the different ways of engagement and Call-to-Actions that you can place on your mobile optimized landing page:

  • Form – signup for a newsletter, sign-up for an online product or sample (great example on the right)
  • Share to email – ability to quickly share something with others via email
  • Social share – get life-long followers for your brand
  • Download  a coupon – eliminate the friction to first purchase from your brand

Here come the conversions! Hopefully, you now understand why building a mobile optimized landing page for your QR marketing campaign is a must. In our next blog posts in this QR code series, we’ll focus on the preparation of your QR code itself. Subscribe to our email newsletter and get all our future marketing blog posts straight into your inbox!

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Originally posted 2013-05-16 08:57:53.

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