We really want to help you get even more value out of your marketing campaigns containing QR codes. For this reason, we have crafted a checklist that you can use before putting actual QR codes on your campaign or marketing material.

QR code comparison

1. QR Code Colors, Size and Version

In terms of design and the look of your QR code, black and white is preferable, but if you have changed the colors make sure there is sufficient contrast between the background and the code itself.

Is the size of the QR code big enough? If the QR code is printed too small or the quality of paper (e.g. newspaper) is bad, it could affect the scan quality. You should also consider the quality of the smartphone camera as a factor, mobile phones with low camera resolution has a hard time scanning small QR codes. So all in all, don’t make it too small…

Make sure the QR code is generated in as low “version” as possible. This will make sure your QR code looks clean, simple and it is easy to scan. This will also allow you to print it in a bit smaller size and make it more “scannable” from a distance.

2. Error Tolerance and Related Information

It’s important that you generate your QR code with a high error tolerance. By doing this, you can be sure that the code is easy to scan and will remain scan-able, even if a part of it is covered up or ripped of.

As an alternative you should also provide some informational text, describing the actual purpose of the QR code to the user. E.g. what content or action will the code provide? Preferably, you should even put an alternative URL (e.g. offer.yourbrand.com) along with this informational text. This will enable you to  users, who are still not familiar with scanning QR codes or prefer typing it on their smartphone or computer.

3. Be Sure That You Can Edit the Destination

A common mistake is to encode your QR code with a fixed URL, this should be avoided. Make sure you can update and edit the location URL of the QR code, even after it has been printed. This could come in handy, in case you need to change the URL or point your users to an other location.

4. Optimize Your Landing Page

One of the most important things is also to make sure the landing page(s) are optimized for the user context. Most QR codes are scanned via smartphones, feature phones or tablets. But the alternate platform could also be a desk- or laptop computer, through the alternative URL. So make sure your QR code will send the users to the right destinations based on their device type and platform.

5. Track Everything

Now, when your campaign is one week in or finished, your client or boss would like to know how this campaign performed. So of course you remembered to track everything, right? You should always make sure you’ll have access to key analytics insights during and after your campaign. You might already have these insights through your website analytics, but what if you want to send users to external sites like Facebook, YouTube, App Store etc., will you still be able to get the full insights, on how, when and where your campaign was activated?

6. Test Before You Print

Finally test your code – this is a quick and easy task. Try to scan the QR code yourself, with your phone, tablet, your colleagues phone and even try to type in the alternative URL on your computer. When scanning the QR code, try to put your self in real life scenario of where the QR code will be used, e.g. if it’s a magazine it could be scanned by users in bad light conditions etc.

How Splitter can Help You With QR Codes

We hope this will help you avoid some of the common mistakes and pitfalls we have seen in the field, and hopefully you’ll get even more value out of your QR codes in your marketing efforts.

Splitter is a targeting platform, with an easy to use management interface to set up and control marketing campaigns, providing campaign activation insights on top, through our analytics module.

Our service provides QR codes out of the box along with short URLs and the ability to set up your own branded domain e.g. offer.yourbrand.com.

Never again screw up your QR codes. Try Splitter Today and Sign up For a Free Trail.

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Originally posted 2013-01-28 22:23:58.

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