City SplitRedirect users based on their location

Unlock the value of true location based marketing with ease! Increase conversion rates and optimize the user experience.

A City Split redirects the user based on what region or city they are in. This allows you to show different content to users based on where they are using one QR code or short URL - perfect marketing location related businesses or products both online and offline.

You define what regions and/or cities to target and where you want users located there to be redirected. Also define a default destination for everyone outside of the defined countries, regions or cities.

City Split features

  • 99,8% accurate on country level
  • 90% accurate on region level*
  • 81% accurate on city level*
  • Redirect a URL, QR code or NFC chip based on the users location
  • Easily make location based marketing
  • Optimize the user experience
  • Get analytics about visits, user location, device and more
  • Easily update locations and destination URLs
  • Download high quality QR codes in PNG, EPS or PDF formats
  • Get a short URL or use your own (like
  • Give coworkers or clients access to edit or just look

* In the USA, accuracy may vary depending on country.

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