Country SplitRedirect users based on their country

Avoid showing websites in the wrong language and get rid of confusing country selection pages to increase conversion rates.

The Country Split redirects a user based on what country they are in. Allowing you to target multiple markets with one QR code or short URL - perfect for social media marketing where country borders don't exist.

You define what countries to target and where you want users from these countries to be redirected. Also define a default destination for everyone outside of the defined countries.

Country Split features

  • Country detection is 99,8% accurate
  • Redirect a URL, QR code or NFC chip based on the users country
  • Avoid showing the wrong website to your target audience
  • Avoid hard to understand landing pages and custom device detection
  • Never lose visitors because your country detection software is out of date
  • Get analytics about visits, user location, device and more
  • Easily update countries and destination URLs
  • Get a short URL or use your own (like
  • Give coworkers or clients access to edit or just look
  • Download high quality QR codes in PNG, EPS or PDF formats

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