Date & Time SplitEditable QR codes and short URLs

Never show old campaigns or content and never lose traffic from dead links or QR codes that you can't change.

Our Date & Time Split gives you a QR code, a short link and NFC support. Destination URLs are easy to edit at any point and you can define a standard URL and a campaign URL to be used in date and time period you define.

Perfect for time limited marketing campaigns where you want users to see one website or app while the campaign runs and another (perhaps your normal homepage) when it ends. Or when you just want easy live access to changing where your QR code, short URL or NFC tags sends your users.

Date & Time Split strengths

  • Easy to edit destination link URL for QR codes, URLs or NFC tags
  • Define default and time limited campaign destinations
  • Get detailed usage analytics including user devices and location
  • Use our or your own URL (e.g.
  • Avoid showing old content and campaigns to your users
  • Don't lose traffic when a campaign ends and links dies
  • Download high quality simple QR codes and order NFC tags
  • Add multiple users or clients with view or admin rights