Targeted Marketing Insights

Get insights about online multi-channel marketing using automated targeting, smart QR codes and intelligent links.

Marketing campaign user location analytics

Easy marketing campaign analytics

Easily track and optimize your online marketing campaigns through analytics with intelligent targeted links.

Redirect based on country location

How to redirect users based on their country location

Automatically redirect users to different links based on what country they are in via geo location.

Multi-channel marketing

Multi-channel marketing made easy

Marketing across multiple channels is challenging. Here is a few tips and tools that will help you.

Editable QR Code

How to edit a QR Code

Using Splitter you can always update the QR code link. Here is how!

QR Code Generator

How to Generate a QR Code

Generating QR code has never been easier. Sign up for Splitter and create a high quality QR code in a minute. Find out more!

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