How to redirect based on country, region or city

Automatically redirect users to different links based on what country, region or city they are in to show targeted content and increase your conversion rates.

How country detection works

With a users IP address it is possible to use geolocation to detect where the users is located, based on this we make it possible to redirect them to a specific link. Our country detection is 99,8% accurate.

Optimize your marketing campaigns

Geolocation based redirects can be used to easily target your users and make your marketing easier. You only have to share one link or qr code. It increase your conversion rates, as it removes the need to ask the user where they are located - based on what country the user is in they are automatically redirected to the right location.

Use country detection to e.g.:

  • Show different versions of your website
  • Guide users to locations near them
  • Play different videos on YouTube based on the users location
  • Redirect the user to the right version of you Facebook profile
  • Only show specific content to users from a specific country

Get started in 2 minutes!

Using Splitter you can easily setup your own links and QR codes that automatically detects where the user is located, and define where users in specific countries, regions or cities should be redirected to.

Splitter requires no technical knowledge or integration - just fil in a form and we give you a short URL and a QR code ready to use in your marketing campaigns right away.

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Redirect based on country location