Splitter Service Level Agreement (SLA)

Service Availability

Splitter offer two levels of service availability guarantees depending on the service:

  • Splitters administration and management interface (http://splitterhq.com) offers a 99,6% monthly average uptime guarantee.
  • Splitters campaign split logic (http://splt.cc) offers a 99,8% monthly average uptime guarantee.

Service Response Time

Splitter offer two levels of service response time guarantees depending on the service:

  • Splitters administration and management interface (http://splitterhq.com) offers at least a 800 milliseconds monthly average response time guarantee.
  • Splitters campaign split logic (http://splt.cc) offers at least a 400 milliseconds monthly average response time guarantee.

Splitters response time is measured by the direkte request from client to server, benchmarked by Pingdoms website monitoring (http://pingdom.com). Splitter does not account for external factors like bad end-user network connection, slow end-user client-side (browser) rendering etc.

Customer Service Availability

Splitters customer service is available by phone and email Monday to Friday 9:30 AM to 3:30 PM CET (Central European Time).

Splitters customer service email is also being monitored and responded outside of the hours stated above, to meet the customer service response time agreement.

Customer Service Response Time

Splitters customer service response time by email is 18 hours on weekdays and 36 hours on weekends and public holidays.

Maintenance Notification

Splitter offers a maintenance notification 10 days prior planned maintenance downtime that will take more than one hour. This maintenance notice will be delivered by email, to the email address associated with the customers Splitter account.

Service Level Breaches and Credit

In case of a service level breach, Splitter offer affected customers to reclaim their campaign and analytics data and cancel their subscription with one months notice, even if the customer is on a yearly subscription plan.

As credit in case of a service level breach Splitter offers compensation on a case by case basis. The compensation to the customer can not exceed 100% of the customers subscription fee to Splitter within a month or equivelant to a month if the customer is on a yearly subscription plan.

Reclaiming Customer Data

Splitter commits to transfer all campaign and analytics data in SQL INSERT or JSON format in case a customer leaves the service due to a breach of the terms stated in this SLA.

If a customer leaving Splitter wants to reclaim their customer data, a transfer can be made on case by case evaluation. If the data volume is significant a one time export fee of $200 per account can be charged to transfer the campaign and analytics data to the customer in a SQL INSERT or JSON format.


Splitters services are being monitored automatically around the clock by our hosting providers monitoring highly available infrastructure.

Splitter has an extended managed monitoring agreement with the hosting provider, enabling them to take action on all monitoring alerts through their around the clock available technical expert support.

Splitters services are constantly monitored by the following options:

  • Remote HTTP Checks (Status code, connection time and body match warnings)
  • Remote Ping Checks (Package loss warnings)
  • Average Load Checks (High load warnings)
  • Filesystem Checks (Low filesystem space warnings)
  • Memory Checks (Low swap space warnings)

Splitters hosting providers monitoring service will be available 99.9% of the time in any given month, excluding scheduled maintenance.

To enhance Splitters services monitoring even further an additional 3rd party monitoring provider is constantly checking the following option:

  • Remote HTTP Check (body match warnings)


Splitter ensure an automated and continuous backup of Splitters services, data and customer data.


Splitter always put security first. An extended managed service agreement has been made between Splitter and Splitters hosting provider, to make sure Splitters services are running on a secure and updated infrastructure with the recent security patches and updates applied.

Splitters hosting provider has the following extended security certifications:

  • ISO 27001:2005 (Information Security)
  • PCI Data Security Standard (DSS)

To make completely sure Splitters services is secure, a 3rd party industry leading security company is regularly scanning and auditing Splitters service for security issues and vulnerabilities.

A security report can be requested through Splitters support via email.