Easy marketing campaign analytics

Tracking how many people activate you marketing links, what device they use and where they are located is important but challenging, especially if the link destination is not your own website.

An easy way to track your marketing campaigns

Using specific campaign links that include tracking is a very easy way to get insights into the effectiveness of your campaigns and who your users are. With Splitter you can simply create campaign links to use in your social media marketing, newsletters and websites.

Target your maketing through intelligent links

A link made on Splitter can redirect to a single designation or multiple destinations based on the users location, what kind of device the user is using (PC, mobile, tablet or TV), what operating system the device runs (Android, iOS, Windows Phone etc.) or simple a date and time.

This allows you to du very efficient targeting without knowing your users beforehand and without any interaction fron the user - everything runs automatically! Just setup your link and you are ready to go.

How to get important insight through analytics

Analytics gives you a real time statistical overview of who is visiting your links. Use this you optimize your content and product to better fit your users or customers. Use device statistics to analyze what devices your website or apps.

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Marketing campaign user location analytics