Increase Your Marketing ROI

Generate QR Codes and Short URLs

Generate Clean Short URLs & QR Codes

With Splitter you get nice looking simple QR codes and customizable short URLs for your marketing needs. Easily edit destination URLs and keep using the same short URL & QR code in your marketing material.

Redirect Customers Based on Device Type

Splitter detects your customers' device type and model. With Splitter, you only need one link or QR code to automatically redirect users directly to the correct App Store or a targeted website version. Read more →

Redirect Based On Device Type
Redirect Based on Country

Redirect Customers Based on Country

Using our Country Split you can redirect users to specific destinations based on their country. Perfect for online marketing of websites or apps available in multiple languages. Read more →

Redirect Customers Based on Region & City

Target users based on what region or city they are in with a City Split, and unlock true location based advertising and targeting. Read more →

Redirect Based on Region & City
Redirect Based on Time and Date

Redirect Customers Based on Time & Date

With a Date & Time Split your users will never see old marketing campaigns and you will never lose traffic when campaigns change or end. Just define what destinations the URL, QR code should show at which dates and time. Read more →

Detailed Real-time Analytics

Keep track of your campaigns in real-time and optimize them based on detailed analytics. Read more →

Built-in Real-Time Analytics
Support for All Devices

Built-in Support for All Devices

We know everything about smartphones, tablets and the difference between operating systems - so you don’t have to. We always keep our device database up to date so you can focus on your communication and marketing.

Custom or Short URLs

With Splitter you can use your own domain (e.g. or our default short URL - optimized to use in social media.

Generate Custom or Short URLs