Multi-channel marketing made easy

Marketing across multiple channels is challenging. Here is a few tips and tools that will help you optimize your multi-channel or cross-channel marketing.

What is multi-channel marketing

Multi-channel marketing (also called cross-channel marketing) is marketing using many different marketing channels to sell or promote a product.

Marketing channels may include online, mobile, print, direct mail, retail stores etc. and looking closer at online channels; websites, social media, newsletters and e-mail is the most important.

Optimize your multi-channel marketing

Multi-channel marketing is all about targeting users based on what channel they interact with your brand.

Using a tool like Splitter you can use intelligent links and QR codes that automatically shows the right content to users based on:

  • Date and time
  • Location or country
  • Device type (pc, tablet, mobile or tv)
  • Operating system (Android, iOS, Windows Phone etc.)

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